Discovering the most vaccinated countries against covid 19

The end of 2019 saw a virus called Covid 19 drag with it. No part of the world has been spared from this deadly parasite. However, after several scientific researches, vaccines have been leaked by the specialists. However, the whole world does not seem to be vaccinated at the same rate. Discover the most vaccinated countries in this article.

The United Arab Emirates at the top of the list

Even though the virus was discovered in China, this country of the East is not the first in the row of vaccines. Other countries have taken its place in terms of vaccines administered. Among these countries, the United Arab Emirates is in the lead. Indeed, most of the population is vaccinated. Statistically, out of 100 people, 198 doses have been administered. In sum, more than 80% of the UAE population is vaccinated.
After the Emirates, Uruguay has the second highest number of people vaccinated. In this South American state, 178 doses of vaccine were administered to every 100 people. Israel, Qatar, Cuba and Portugal are following the same trend.

France is behind the other countries

In terms of vaccine doses, France is not so far behind the countries mentioned above. In France alone, 139 doses are injected to 100 people. Therefore, more than 70% of the French population is successfully vaccinated. France has surprisingly surpassed the US on the number of people in the population fully vaccinated. The US is at 54.9% of the population fully vaccinated versus 70% for France.
After Cuba and Portugal, Iran and Australia join the ranks of the most vaccinated countries against covid. Nevertheless, it is reported that the vaccination is done progressively in these countries. In fact, every day, a part of the populations of these countries receives doses of vaccine. Even if many people are still against vaccination, the virus can only be eliminated if a large part of the population is vaccinated.